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#1 28-01-2014 02:45:56

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Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

I'm looking to make a creative video for my small business advertising need. As a newly licensed real estate sales representative, I am concentrating on retail space for small business owners. The people I focus on are most that are prepared to start or expand to a physical retail/office spot. Being new to real estate industry, making the connection is quiet difficult when I present myself as a real estate professional.

Recently I was suggested Magic Beans Media for video production. But I planned to collect more information before hiring their business video production services for my business. My friend has already used their services and he is quite satisfied. But besides creating videos, I am also looking for advertising my real estate investment strategies at the same time. So my question is that does Magic Beans Media offer video marketing services to the excellent level that I need? Should I hire them for my business product marketing requirements?
What do you guys think?

Corporate Video Production Companies London
Magic Beans Media is a creative video production agency specialising in corporate videos production, Animated Promotional Video London and innovative films.


#2 14-02-2014 03:21:04

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Re: Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

The scope and objectives of a Receptionist Jobs can vary from place to place and many a time it changes with the needs of the company. Basically, a receptionist handles the visitors of the organization, answers phone calls and fixes appointments for visitors and handles other interpersonal interactions among others.


#3 17-10-2014 22:54:15

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Re: Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

It would be good to have a business video. Not only can this be used for advertising but also later if you plan to sell your business, this video will tell buyers what your business is


#4 14-07-2016 13:10:36


Re: Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

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Re: Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

Hahhaaha. I'm not too bright today. Great post!

#6 31-10-2017 03:32:40

From: London
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Re: Business Video Production For Small Business Advertising

Videos are the best way to promote any business. They can hire other company or employee or freelancers for this task. I have to tell users about my services and other activities through videos. So it is one of the finest methods which used to promote services and products simply.


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