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IELTS Study material

Resource for IELTS Study material. The IELTS Study material information are updating on regular basis, get the latest IELTS Study material along with other latest material for the preparation of IELTS test. The IELTS preparation material contains free IELTS cambridge books, IELTS tutorial, free IELTS practice test and other information of IELTS Study material.

IELTS Study material

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Here is a list of IELTS Study Material according to their ranking.

  1. IELTS practice tests PLUS * * * * * A MUST to have. The most reliable mock-up in the market. Readings in the real exam are closely similar to the book examples.

  2. IELTS reading tests (McCarter & Ash) * * * * * A MUST to study for those who will sit the academic module. The questions appear to be plain but they are absolutely challenging.

  3. Cambridge IELTS 3 Book * * * * 1/2 Similar to the exam. Readings are slightly simpler than the real test.

  4. The new practice for IELTS-academic module (NEW) * * * * 5 mock-up test. Australian style esp. in listening.

  5. The new practice for IELTS-the IELTS preparation course (NEW) * * * * GOOD for upper intermediate students who just want to start

  6. Insight into IELTS * * * 1/2 VERY GOOD for stepwise starting. Sometimes boring if you know the basics. NOTE that the reading in the real test is completely harder.

  7. Insight into IELTS EXTRA (NEW) * * * 1/2 Like above. More useful

  8. Cambridge IELTS 2 * * * 1/2 Similar to the test except readings that are a bit more difficult.

  9. Focus on ILETS (NEW) + teacher's book * * * 1/2 Very FASCINATING book for PATIENT starters.

  10. IELTS preparation and practice-academic module (NEW) * * * Worth to study if there were any extra time. Three complete reading tests.

  11. Academic writing practice for IELTS (NEW) * * * Very thorough, maybe boring for those who writes well.

  12. Cambridge IELTS 1 * * * 1996 and mostly simpler than today’s tests except for some reading sections.. GOOD

  13. 504 absolutely essential words * * * * A MUST to know

  14. Listen here! (NEW) * * 1/2 Beautiful for those who wants to practice more on listening esp. section 1 & 2.

  15. For and against * * * * Very nice to find ideas for both writing and speaking sections.

  16. Vocabulary for the high school student * * * Bigger than to swallow but increases the vocab. range

  17. Passport to IELTS * * Old fashioned.

  18. 1100 words * * A huge and indigestible book, but you can read the GREEK poems then after.

  19. Check your vocabulary for the IELTS examination * * * Sometimes boring.

  20. BARRON’S essential words for the TOEFL * Nice to fill the gaps.

  21. TOEFL ESSAYS (Abbas Zahedi) 0-1/2 Just for the topics. Essays are completely under the difficulty level of the real test.

*Note. This review is someones personal opinions. I do NOT want to harm the authors’ effort at all. Rating is just for the knowledge of any person intends to sit the IELTS exam (especially, the academic module) in order to help him/her to save the time and money and also satisfy my endless enthusiasm for teaching. Any type of recommendation is welcomed. My special thanks and regards devote to my friend Babak Shokouhi.

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