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Home / Ielts Writing / Useful Expressions

Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing

Resource for Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing. The Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing information are updating on regular basis, get the latest Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing along with other latest material for the preparation of IELTS test. The IELTS preparation material contains free IELTS cambridge books, IELTS tutorial, free IELTS practice test and other information of Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing.

Useful Expressions for IELTS Writing

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One of the biggest problems students have with IELTS is timing.It is very difficult to finish the paper in the time you are given. You need to keep practising to improve your timing.

We have found that these useful expresions can be realy helpful inTask 2. If you use them regularly in your essays, you will memorise them. Then you can use them in the exam and they will help you to improve your timing and finish more quickly.

Here are some useful expressions. Do they come at the beginning, middle or end of Task 2?
  1. It may indeed be true to say that .….(statement from the question); what, however, are the factors involved?

  2. It may indeed be the case that……(statement from the question); this subject,however, requires further analysis.

  3. …Noun…. has/have been….verb+ing for many years now. Has this had generally beneficial effects, or have they been largely negative?
    e.g. Governments have been sending criminals to prison etc……

  4. You can also use a passive structure:
    Noun has/have been + past participle for many years now. Has this had generally beneficial effects, or have they been largely negative?

    e.g. Criminals have been sent toprison etc….

  5. At first sight, noun/verb+ing appear/appears to be entirely positive/beneficial. However,further analysis reveals draw backs to this way of thinking.

  6. When all is said and done, there are no clear solutions to this problem and it is for governments/ individuals/ the public/ students/etc to weighup both sides of the case and come to their own conclusions.

  7. Noun/verb+ing is one of the most controversial isues of our times. What are the arguments that need to be considered?

  8. Noun/Verb+ing, as is the case with many issues, has both negative and positive aspects.

  9. On balance, it is my own personal view that the advantages of noun/verb+ing far/heavily/slightly outweigh the disadvantages.

  10. Over recent years, attitudes to noun/verb+ing have changed considerably. What are the reasons for this change, and whatare the implications for the future?

  11. Noun/verb+ing has/have been an important part of many cultures/ Western cultures/ developing countries/ school-life/ working life/etc. for many years now. What are the reasons for this, and what changes are likely or possible in the future?

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