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Tips to pass IELTS exam

Resource for Tips to pass IELTS exam. The Tips to pass IELTS exam information are updating on regular basis, get the latest Tips to pass IELTS exam along with other latest material for the preparation of IELTS test. The IELTS preparation material contains free IELTS cambridge books, IELTS tutorial, free IELTS practice test and other information of Tips to pass IELTS exam.

Tips to pass IELTS exam

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Actually he question is "Why do people fail the IELTS exam" and what are the best tips to pass IELTS exam.

There are tell-tale signs that most people fail the IELTS exam. However, these mistakes can be avoided so that they will achieve their target IELTS band score. So here are the tips if you avoid all these in IELTS exam you will get good score in IELTS.

1. Not having a study plan

Some people can get really complacent about the IELTS. Itís not just about luck. You gotta have a plan. IELTS is all about discipline.
It takes consistent practice to reach a high band score. Even if youíre too busy, you should map out your strategy. Devote at least one hour a day to study.

2. Not following directions

IELTS takers fail the IELTS not because theyíre incompetent. They think all directions are the same and so they go right in to answer the questions. Not! The golden rule in IELTS is: Follow All Directions. The most common error that they make is in the Yes/No/Not Given type. They answer True/False instead. Another usual mistake is they answer the complete word when only a letter is necessary. So, donít forget to read the instructions at all times.

3. Lack of time management

In the IELTS, time is your greatest enemy. A lot of IELTS candidates are unable to finish the four modules. Task completion is essential to getting a high band score. That is why itís important to budget your time well. Quick thinking is a skill that you should develop. You have to listen, read, write and speak fast.

4. Panicking

This happens a lot to IELTS takers especially in the Speaking component. When theyíre stumped with a difficult question, their mind goes blank (crickets chirping). What to do? Good preparation is the key. When youíre prepared, you focus more easily. Have a bag of tricks where you can pull out any expression for every question.

5. Not reading

No input, no output. Like food, you gotta feed your mind. In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, one habit that is essential is sharpening the saw. In the same way, you have to sharpen the saw in IELTS through reading magazines, newspapers and journals. Read Time, Newsweek and Readerís Digest because these are the kinds of material you will encounter in the reading text. Read the editorial section of newspapers like Inquirer and Star which will improve your argumentation skills that you can use in writing and speaking.

6. Committing the same blunders again and again

Itís ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Constant practice is useless if you keep on repeating the same errors. This is extremely crucial in writing like spelling and grammar errors. The most common mistakes that people make are the subject-verb agreement, tense consistency and prepositions. Analyze your mistakes and review them.

7. Thinking negative thoughts

If you think you will fail the IELTS, then you will fail the exam. Worrying about the test will get you nowhere. The IELTS exam is not that difficult if you know how to approach it. So be confident and always think positively.

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